Memorabilia and Collectibles

  • A&M - Autographs and Memorabilia Magazine  Chaucer Collectables has started A&M Magazine, aimed at the serious collectables market across the UK.  They have large stocks of aviation and flight products and now compose editorial features each month.  The September issue covers the Dambusters and the slick on-line magazine interface allows you to interactively flick through pages, zoom into products, order at the touch of a button, and has a fully functioning search facility.  All advertisements in the magazine have external links to websites.
  •  Specialising in the sale of rare and unique WWII memorabilia and aircraft parts for warbirds and bombers.  They'll sell your memorabilia for you.
  • Aeronautica iNDeeD  The Battle of Britain aircraft and the bits available from them.  Also aircraft keyrings.
  • Aerospace Jewelry  A secure online store offering over 400 authentic aircraft (commercial, military, private, and experimental) and spacecraft designs as pins/tie tacks, tie clasps, and cufflinks.
  •  Frameable 8"x10" photographs for sale of modern and historic aviation and space-related imagery.  Photos of the X-1, X-15, SR-71, F-22, B-2, astronauts, space shuttle, test pilots, and others.
  • Air Stuff  A commerical aviation hub with photo gallery, safety cards, air collectables, and more.
  • Airline Boutique  Airline memorabilia, as well as aircraft models, posters, postcards, toys, and clothing for the airline enthusiast.
  • Airline Collectibles Superstore  After years of collecting aviation items, this site offers a wide variety of collectibles from domestic and international airlines past and present.
  • The Airline Pilot's Historical Society  A non-profit charitable foundation specializing in aviation memorabilia with the purpose of educating through the preservation of aircraft parts and components.  Control wheels, instrument panels, cockpit collectibles and artifacts from the DC-3 through 747, home-sim parts, and other memorabilia.  Components from dismantled aircraft are used to provide "Hands On" experience to school children in order to stimulate interest in aviation.  They also provide financial assistance to children's hospitals and organizations that specialize in the needs of children.
  • Airliner Collectibles  This provider of airplane models in diecast miniature, plastic snap-fit, resin, and professional travel agency style also offers a selection of airline memorabilia from around the world.
  • Airplanes and more  Military and aviation memorabilia from World War II including posters, prints, aircraft and other related items.
  • Alex Panchenko Collectibles  Badges, books, clothing, pennants, models, posters, stamps, wings, fine art, patches, and pins from the glory days of Russian aerospace.
  • America's Postcard Post  Buy, sell, trade, and auction scarce, hard-to-find, and rare airline postcards.
  • APT Collectibles  Specializes in collectible memorabilia associated with the transportation industry: historic aircraft from the Golden Age of Flight, World War 2 and modern civilian and military aviation.
  • AvCollect  An aviation collectables and photography Website by a British aviation photographer that flies with the RAF and writes for the popular aviation magazines.  Limited edition art from top artists, air to air and low level photography, aviation multimedia CD's, first flight flown covers from various RAF aircraft.
  • Aviation Collectables  Aviation commemorative covers (signed and unsigned), aviation signed books and prints, and genuine signed photos from Battle of Britain Aircrew, and Luftwaffe pilots.
  • Aviation Collectables International  ACI manufactures and distributes their own unique range of aviation related souvenirs and collectables: airline tail pins, plane pins, luggage tags, retro iron-on appliques, retro luggage tags, key rings, remove before flight tags.
  • The Aviation Store  Commercial aviation and travel collectable's for sale: dishes, glassware, coffee cups and saucers, aircraft postcards, flight schedules, ticket jackets, menu's, safety cards and more from airlines like Pan Am, TWA, National, Midway, Valujet, Eastern, and others.Commercial aviation and travel collectable's for sale: dishes, glassware, coffee cups and saucers, aircraft postcards, flight schedules, ticket jackets, menu's, safety cards and more from airlines like Pan Am, TWA, National, Midway, Valujet, Eastern, and others.
  • BattleZone Ltd  Military patches, pins, decals, books.
  • BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books  Aviation history books and memorabilia.  (Also, memorabilia covering literature, performing arts, first editions, Pacificana, sport, cricket, music, antiques, military, shipping, art, craft, natural history, old postcards.
  • By Air Classique  A range of original Golden Age aviation collectibles, including art deco postcards, oil paintings by aviation artist Rosie Louise, and fine scale paper model civil aircraft from the 1920's and 1930's.
  • Cabin Class Collectibles  Transportation memorabilia of all sorts for sale, including galley items (china, silver plate, glassware, swizzle sticks, menus, food service items), cabin items (amenity kits, flight packets, blankets, souvenir wings, passenger-related items), terminal items (postcards, tickets, tote bags, luggage tags, posters, brochures, promotional items), and cockpit items (uniforms and crew-related items).
  • The C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society  The Society serves as a forum for all persons wishing to learn more about Charles A. Lindbergh and his aircraft, licensed as N-X-211.  Anyone wishing to learn more about the memorabilia associated with the flight from New York to Paris is invited to contact the Society.
  • Chaucer Collectables  WWII, RAF, Luftwaffe autographed flown memorabilia: fighter aces, Doolittle Raiders, CMH, Victoria Cross, US and Luftwaffe aces, Navy and U-Boats, US famous battle prints, Concorde and Zeppelin, Dambusters.
  • Check-Six  Offering unique collectibles and history from aviation's past, present, and future.  Framed pieces, tours, books, posters, and much more with an emphasis on experimental and test flying around Edwards AFB, as well as throughout Northern California.
  • The Classic Auction Company  Besides classic car memorabilia, you'll find some interesting aviation lots.  (Look through the later part of the "Current Automobilia" lot listing.)  This site will be of interest to buyers and sellers of aviation memorabilia.
  • CollectAir  This site is devoted to mostly vintage aviation display models, vintage wood kits, modelling history articles, a Friend or Foe? Museum of aircraft recognition memorabilia, aviation art, and space models.
  • Concord  Concorde photos and memorabilia, including a unique collection of qality prints for sale online by world-renowned photographer Adrian Meredith.  See also the eBay Store.
  • Concorde Watch  Purchase the Concorde watch online, a piece of British Airways Concorde memorabilia, made by Elements of Time.
  • Custom Nose Art  This artist sells work inspired by military nose art.  It can be customized and personalized with your name, organization, or event.  Artwork is available as prints, as a vehicle applique for your car or aircraft, or printed on mugs, shirts, or buttons.
  • Daniel's WWII Aviation Collection  A personal website centered around a private WWII aviation collection.  Many pages with photos, facts, and information related to WWII aviation and aviation collectibles.  The site also includes a "wanted items" page and a "for sale/trade" page.
  • Desperate Enterprises, Inc. Reproduction nostalgic advertising tins.
  • Dixie Aviation Collectibles  Extremely rare, hand-autographed airplane models, books, photographs, and prints.  Some famous aviators featured on this site are Bob Hoover, Al White, Scott Crossfield, Paul Tibbets, Patty Wagstaff, Chuck Yeager, Paul Poberezny.
  • eyedeal postcards  Vintage postcards of commercial and military airplanes, both real photo postcards and artist signed.
  • FIS Aviation Support  A supplier of military leather nametags.  Also, a full range of Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and other military related patches, caps, t-shirts, flags, and badges - from World War II to the present.
  • Franklyn Cards  A great resource for aviation related cigarette cards.  Browse the site or enter "aviation" in the Search Box.
  • Garcia Aviation Co.  Online Aviation and Military Catalogs where you'll find hundreds of military and aviation items offered for sale.  The military product line offers items like antique military insignia, World War One and World War Two items, vintage field gear, military 8 day clocks, and more.  The aviation product line includes reproduction items such as insignia, flight jackets, headgear, and other items you're not likely to fine elsewhere, along with hundreds of vintage aviation memorabilia.  An Aviation Model Catalog is available with over 250 aircraft models of wood, resin, and plastic.
  • Horrido1  Specializing in WWII German and American military aviation autographed photos and prints.
  • Invicta Collectables  617 Squadron Dambusters signed photographs and commemorative envelopes, obtained "in person" at exculsive private signings.  Other military signed items.
  • Jack's Airline Collectibles  This collector of airline cabin service items (such as silverware, plates, and glasses) has a huge list of photos, arranged by airline.
  • JJ'S Distributors  Specializing in historical aviation and railroad memorabilia.  This site offers a large number of aircraft models and other items.
  • L'  Offering vintage posters for sale, including some aviation-related posters.
  • locomobilia  Aviation and airlines ephemera and memorabilia including literature (brochures, magazines, books, time tables, share certificates), prints, airlines and travel posters, objects, toys, and space memorabilia, etc.
  • Mike Charlton's Aviation Postcard Site  Postcards of airports and airlines around the the world, updated monthly and operated since 2001 by an Air Traffic Controller based at Newcastle International Airport in the North East of England.  Postcard auction, exchange, and links.
  • New Zealand Postal History - Flight Special flight covers flown in New Zealand and to overseas destinations on special flights etc. over the past 20 or so years.
  • Nostalgic Aviation  A dealer for autographed aviation aces photos.
  •  An impressive collection of beautiful and rare ground adjustable and controllable hub propellers with wooden blades, dated from 1926 to 1948.  The three blade Hartzell propeller is the only one known to exist.  Also displayed on the website are propellers from 16 manufacturers including Everel, Maynard DiCesare, Hoover, Continental Skypower, Westinghouse Micarta, and Beechcraft.
  • Pan Am Collectibles / Memorabilia  This site offers collectibles and memorabilia from Pan American World Airways, which had operated from 1927 to 1991 world-wide.  You can find ahstrays, timetables, pins, postcards, lighters, playing cards, and other items.  In English and German.
  • Pedal  Sale of pedalplanes (and pedalcars), parts, and kits.  Good source for collectors.
  • Pilot Wings of the World  Buy, sell, and trade pilot wings.
  • Planefacts 99  Aviation ads, patches, stickers, photographs, cigarette cards.
  • Posters, Inc.  An e-commerce site selling historical posters, prints and postcards.  They specialize in items with a patriotic, military, and/or political theme, and carry memorabilia from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Civil War, and the 60s.
  • Rarey's WWII Sketchbooks Capt. George Rarey's sketches, letters, commentary in a 208 page book.
  • Singular Selections  An e-commerce site with vintage airline collectibles, brochures, safety cards, books, postcards, photographs and other memorabilia, as well as current collectibles, models and gifts.
  •  Official NASA patches from the NASA distributor.
  • SkyStore  A store selling aviation collectables: safety cards, inflight magazines, Airliner World magazines, and aviation items such as seat belts and lanyards.  Based in the UK, but you can pay through PayPal in your local currency.
  • Soviet Airline and Aircraft Memorabilia  By a collector of Soviet airline and aircraft postcards and safety cards.
  • SR-71 Blackbird Titanium  You can custom order items made from authentic parts of SR-71 Blackbirds.  Dan Freeman, a retired USAF SR-71 Machinist, fabricates collectibles from the world record setting SR-71 Blackbirds: coins, rings, swizzle sticks, bracelets, money clips, key chains, ball markers, and other items.
  • Transportation Hobby Collectibles Online  Airline memorabilia models and collectibles: vintage and current models, books, videos, airline memorabilia, photographs, collectibles, logo T-shirts, and gifts.
  •  Providing collectors with vintage aviation and other postcards.  (See the Transportation categories.)  Good links section.
  •  A source for 1:18, 1:32, 1:48 and 1:144 scale military aviation models, aviation photography, Lucky Ladies nose art golf balls, replica nose art panels, and aviation apparel.
  • Weingarten Gallery  Museum quality reproductions of US aviation insignia from WWI and WWII: charms, tie tacs, and military/USAF insignia, US Wings.
  • World Airline Historical Society  With a mission to encourage and facilitate the preservation of memorabilia representing the world's commercial airlines through private and public collections.  The Society also helps document the histories of aircraft, airports, and air carriers.  Membership includes a free subscription to The Captain’s Log, the Society’s educational journal and other benefits.
  • Zarik's - Australian Commercial Aviation Collection  A not-for-profit aviation collection dedicated to saving Australia's commercial airline heritage online.  The collection includes 34 airlines and 600 items.

Aerophilately and Airmail

  • Aerophil - Aerophilately Home Page  Aerophilatelic and commercial aviation literature, air mail covers, and air crash covers.  Huge list of links to other aerophilatelic websites.
  • Aerophilately  Sites in this Web Ring share a common interest in aerophilately -- the collection of airmail stamps and covers.  Membership is limited to sites that have significant aerophilatelic content, and to dealers who deal extensively in aerophilatelic material.
  • Aerophilately on Stamp Domain  Links to aerophilately organizations and resources.
  • The Air Mail Society of New Zealand  Members keep in touch through a monthly newsletter and regular postal auctions.
  • The Airmail Takes Wing  The history of airmail.
  • American Air Mail Society  The AAMS is the second oldest aerophilatelic society with over 1,500 members worldwide.  The AAMS publishes the monthly magazine "The Airpost Journal" and the "Jack Knight Air Log," as well as the American Air Mail Catalogue, and many other aerophilatelic books.
  • Metropolitan Air Post Society  MAPS, is a non-profit association of aerophilatelists. They started as the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club, MACC, in 1941, and they still collect covers as souvenirs of memorable air mail and aviation events.  Over the years, they have become increasingly interested in air post history, and the development of aviation, airlines, and air mail services.
  • MJM Covers  This eBay storefront sells aviation "first flight covers."  These are envelopes with a printed design which airlines used to inaugurate service between cities or countries.  Not just for stamp collectors.
  • Alex Panchenko Collectibles  This Russian aerospace memorabila site includes stamps.

Airline Spoons

Airline Airsickness Bags

  • Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum  Extensive image collection, links.
  • Airsickness Bags  A site for anybody who collects airsickness bags.  Get to know other collectors, publicize upcoming collectors conventions, get information about airsickness bags.
  • Bag-hobby  A collection of airline sickbags by a young collector.  Includes links to a number of bag manufacturers.
  • Bagophily  A giant collection of bags: gallery, swaps, links, all with a bit of humor mixed in.  This is the one to see.
  • barfbag  This Yahoo group is just what you'd think it is.
  • The Barfbag Page  Collection, trading center, links.
  • barf-O-rama  Commercial airline barf bags, non-commercial bags, and links to other collector sites.
  • Rune's Barf Bag Collection  Photos and descriptions of air sickness bags from around the world.  Also links to other barfbag sites.
  • Sickbag Collection  Barf bag photo collection.
  • The Vomitorium  A display of airsickness bags on the web and links to other notable barf bag sites.


  • Artistic Embroidery Co.  Air force, navy, and army embroidery.
  • atelieronze  Providing professional embroidery digitizing services and original embroidery design, specializing in aircraft and warbirds.
  • Big Badges Industry  Manufacturer and supplier of hand made embroidery badges.
  • Black Dog Studios  A custom embroidery company offering over 100 embroidered aviation designs.
  • Bright Embroidery Enterprises  Specialized in the manufacturing of hand and machine embroidered badges, emblems, patches, insignia, and other items.
  • Flag N Craft  Manufacturer and exporter of hand embroidered bullion wire blazer badges, family crest, wings, patches, flags, shoulders, aigulettes, lanyards, sashes, sword knots, tassels, pennants.
  • Gold Lion Embroidery  Manufacturer of hand embroidered bullion badges, crests, emblems, insignias, militaria badges, regalia badges, masonic badges, sashes, skin badges, apron, crests, patches, medals, shoulder boards, epaulette, lanyards, cords, aguilette, WW1 and WW2 items, uniform accessary, militaria badges.
  • Halifax Embroidery  Bullion embroidered badges, wings, sword knots, epaulettes, aigulettes, coat of arms, family crests and other uniform accessories.
  • J Arther (Pvt) Ltd  A manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of hand embroidered badges and uniform accessories.
  • KHB Trading Corportion  Manufacturers and exporters of many types of badges used for different purposes.  They will send you a sample of your design, or their own samples.  KHB has been manufacturing badges and other uniform accesories since 1980.
  • Militaria Experts  Reproductions of original WWI and WWII militaria items: insignias, flags and banners, metal made insignias, and leather-canvas combat equipment.
  • Nanba Sports  Handemade embroidered badges and emblems, caps and berets, uniform accessories and accountrements.  Authentic items for re-enactors, museums, and others.
  • Q.M.R Embroiders  A manufacturer in Pakistan and exporter of military badges, insignia, cap badges, shoulders, and other knitted products.
  • Saud World Impex  Manufacturers and suppliers of hand embroidered military badges, insignia, crests, banners, flags, uniform accessories, epaulettes, shoulder boards, tassels and fringes, etc.
  • Single Star Trader  Manufacturer and exporter of hand embroidered bullion badges (emblems and crests), machine embroidered badges, woven emblems, buttons, braids, metal badges, and more.
  • Terrane Promotions  An embroidery manufacturer and screen printer that supplies most of the Armed Forces of Europe and others with patches, stickers, etc.  You can purchase postcards, patches, stickers, prints, key rings, mugs, and other products.
  • Wonderful Embroiderers  Manufacturers and exporters of German World WAR I and II hand embroidered uniform accessories (insignias, cuff titles, collar patches, shoulder boards, arm bands, caps, sword knots/dagger knots, gorgets, aiguillettes, lanyards, flags and banner, uniforms, leather jackets and pants, etc.) and many more other related products.
  • Yakoob Embroidery Works  A manufacturer and exporter of hand embroidery squadron badges, embroidered jackets, patches, hats, caps, and other items.
  • Zaysnew Enterprises  Manufacture and sales of handmade and machine embroidery.

Airline Safety Cards

Airline Napkins


Scripophily (scrip-af-il-ly) is the collecting of canceled old stocks and bonds. See What is Scripophily? for a good description.

  • Scripophily  Actual, authentic stock and bond certificates (not reproductions) sold only as collectibles.  The aviation section has a very large selection.  Also, a number of historic aviation annual reports.


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